<h2>Kinitro</h2><p>Center for Special Therapies for Child, Adolescent and Family - Alimos Logotherapy Centers</p> <h2>Logotherapy, Ergotherapy</h2><p>Psychological support, Parent counseling, Special education</p> <h2>Study for Primary School Children</h2><p>Supportive and safe environment</p>
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About Us
Therapy Center for Special Therapies for Child, Adolescent and Family

KINITRO is aimed at children and adolescents with neurodevelopmental disorders, learning difficulties and behavioral and communication disorders.
It aims at conquering all of the everyday functions of physical, cognitive, mental as well as sensory, motor, word, communication and learning skills.
The child acquires the ability to engage in everyday activities, acquiring the ability to interact in all environments, school, social, home, institutional, and smooth living.
In this way, the functionality for independent learning, self-preservation, communication and mental well-being is maximized.






Open Hours

Monday till Friday after appointment at: 2114058743, 6938698614

2114058743, 6975468496, kinitrotherapy@gmail.com